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How long do the Effects of a Stun Gun Last?

How do Stun Guns Work?

A stun gun is an electrical self defense device that uses high voltage to immobilize an attacker. Touching a person with the prongs on the stun gun  quickly stops the attacker. However, because the amperage is very low, no serious or permanent injury is inflicted.

The stun is designed to key into the nervous system. It passes all its energy into the muscular tissueat a high pulse frequency that makes the muscles work very rapidly, but not efficiently. This rapid work cycle depletes blood sugar by converting it to lactic acid all in just seconds. The resulting energy loss makes it difficult to move and function. At the same time, the tiny neurological impulses that travel throughout the body to direct muscle movement are interrupted. This causes disorientation and loss of balance which leaves the attacker in a submissive and confused condition for several minutes.  Still, there is no significant effect on the heart and other organs.

As a general rule, a one-half second contact can repel and startle the attacker, with the individual feeling some pain and muscle contraction. One to two seconds can cause muscle spasms and a groggy mental state. Over three seconds can cause loss of balance and muscle control, mental confusion and disorientation.  Realize that 3 seconds is rather a long time when involved in a physical struggle.  All people are different and will react differently to the effects of a stun gun. What may put one person down in 3 seconds could take 5 seconds on another person.

The electrical current that emits from the unit will not pass from the individual being stunned to the individual  doing the stunning. The effect is localized only in the affected area and does not pass throughout the body. Even if either you or the attacker is standing in water or are wet, you will not be shocked. 

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